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In the last couple of months


This post is just an update on what is happening with this website at the time being. There have not been any new ones lately because the mood has not been there, and the winter depression has arrived. Not in a very inhibiting way but some. It has only made it harder to start when I am not in the flow by getting things done.

But now I had to do something with this website since google has found it in one or another way, I don't know-how. So it is time to get it out of the development mode. And I have to update the posts. And then especially the playlists, since google reads many of them as 'soft 404' pages. I probably have to add some text to them. Thinking maybe also write up the albums. At least that will make them searchable. If with time will add a search engine. So I have to remember why I composed them as I did.

For the next few months, I will probably not update every week. I will look forward to the spring coming.

Hello World


First post :)

I have now started a personal blog that hopefully will follow me for many years to come. It will be the first time after getting the bipolar diagnosis that I am trying something like this. 

The intention is there. Now, in the beginning, I believe that the posts will mainly be work-related or music that I play and that interests me. And then develop it out from that.