I am a guy living in the western part of Norway. With dyslexia and bipolar disorder. I am getting old now. Are halfway through life. But I am still young at heart. My interests are in visual culture and sound. Not that say that I am musical, but I am strong visually.

I have a bachelor degree in computer science.  And I have almost completed a master in the topic of Visualization. That is, to visualise data for getting better insight. And from earlier, I also have an incomplete bachelor in art history. And a couple of years in art school. Theoretical studies have never been my strongest side. 

All this has shaped me into the person you will see on this website.


About this website

This website is published using the static website builder Publii. With a theme that I have made myself. I am using static web pages for loading them faster. And the time saved I am using, among other things, to transfer high-resolution images. So this is not necessarily a simple site to load, nor is it meant to be.