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Trying out Bandcamp


I like to have everything in one place. But not all music is on the service I am using. More and more of what I want to listen to are on Bandcamp. So today, I bought a record for the first time in years. 

I could use as much as 1600NOK a month on records when I was young. Nowadays, I am only using a streaming service to 99NOK a month. I do not think it is strange that artists earnings are less on records today than some years ago. So hopefully, the artist gets better paid when I now am starting to baying again. It's more cumbersome compared with streaming services, but luckily my service has the feature "access your entire library from anywhere", so I don't need one more app and only need to download it in one place.

So today, I bought a record with John Cage's "Number Pieces" performed by Apartment House. I like John Cage, Apartment House are excellent performers, and I found it in sixth place on a list of the 50 best releases this year. So I am looking forward to using some time with this record.